Regex in the SHibboleth2.xml

Rick Hoodenpyle rhoodenpyle at
Fri Apr 29 19:05:25 UTC 2022

I often have to separate username from the email address using the

<!--<AttributeResolver type="Transform" source="upn">

              <Regex match="^(.+)@(.+)$" dest="LoginID">$1</Regex>

              <Regex match="^(.+)@(.+)$" dest="domain">$2</Regex>


I have a client though that passes an ID through the UID attribute. It
begins with a letter K and ends with the numerical ID, example K98456.

The value that this must equate to in my application is a numerical only
value, so I am needing to find out how to remove the K and only pass the
numbers. I have thought about maybe using the following, but have not had a
chance to test it and was wondering if someone out there might already know
how to do this.

<!--<AttributeResolver type="Transform" source="uid">

              <Regex match="^(.+)[0-9](.+)$" dest="kuid">$1</Regex>



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