Palo Alto Global Protect embedded browser + Shibboleth

John C. Pfeifer pfeifer at
Fri Apr 29 18:44:28 UTC 2022

We are having the same issue (only on Windows, Mac seems fine). We have received the same unhelpful answer Palo Alto.

John Pfeifer
Division of Information Technology
University of Maryland, College Park

> On Apr 29, 2022, at 2:23 PM, Jones, Steve <steve.jones at> wrote:
> Our campus uses Shibboleth and Palo Alto's Global Protect VPN.
> Starting with Global Protect 5.2.9, they made a change to their embedded browser in the app that broke the login page, *but* only if you use enter on the keyboard. Clicking "login" with the mouse works fine. Hitting enter results in the "you clicked the back button or bookmarked the login page" error.
> I have a support case open with Palo Alto and they indicated they made a change to the code for the embedded browser because a different IdP was having the opposite problem where the enter key wasn't working.
> Their engineering team passed along that the change was:
> "If we see the enter key is pressed, then we call Translatemessage API. The following is the API doc from Microsoft:
> Not being a programmer, I'm hoping this makes sense to someone with specific knowledge of the logon page that might be able to explain why that breaks things that I can pass back to Palo Alto to fix on their side. This seems to be global, as we have a number of other separate CSU campuses with the same problem.
> Thanks!
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> Steve Jones
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