Multiple Paths?

Dave Ogasawara cap10hk at
Thu Apr 21 16:39:08 UTC 2022

I'm converting about 90 applications, running on IIS, to use
Shibboleth and I can't figure out how to properly configure the
shibboleth2.xml file. Each application has a few pages that do not
require authentication, so I am unable to simply protect the entire
directory. Also, each application has custom authentication, so I
really only need one shibboleth protected page to retrieve the request
variables which I then place into a user session.

This works, but I would have to add a path for every application. Is
there a better way? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

<Host name="">
     <Path name="Application1/validatelogin" authType="shibboleth"
     <Path name="Application2/validatelogin" authType="shibboleth"
     <Path name="Application3/validatelogin" authType="shibboleth"
     <Path name="Application4/validatelogin" authType="shibboleth"

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