Shibboleth(3.2.3) : Parsing of the Incommons-Medata.xml taking huge amount of time

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Apr 13 21:36:14 UTC 2022

>    * Is this issue standard, faced by everyone??

No. Firstly, I have weak laptops that manage to exceed that performance by orders of magnitude. Your box is too hobbled. Secondly, startup is much faster if you configure things properly, just make sure the backup copy is in place already from a previous startup and toggle the option to skip verification of backup files. All the other reloads will be in the background.

>    * Is there any parameter in the shibboleth2.xml; altering which could enable the shibd.service to use more
> numner of CPU nodes if this issue is due to the lack of CPU resouces??

No, it's not a parallel operation.

>    * If not will shibd.service support the use of hyper-threading; i.e. multiple threads on a single core where the
> service is being started to illiminate the chance that this parsing delay is due to the CPU resouce shortage??

That level of slowness is due to insufficient CPU.

>    * Will increase in the clock rate i.e. Mhz of the CPU help in this case??


>    * Is there a way to skip this and us to choose when to parse the newly downloaded xml, so as to reduce
> downtime??

It's not primarily the parsing, it's signature checking, and the option to skip that for pre-verified backup copies is many years old.

>    * And are there any other solutions that anyone has implemented that has worked around this issue??

MDQ, already mentioned. That is the ultimate answer and has been for several years.

-- Scott

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