Exception unwrapping data: Tag mismatch! in "Profile Action ValidateGrant"

Bergmann, Clemens clemens.bergmann at tu-darmstadt.de
Fri Apr 8 14:30:53 UTC 2022



I unfortunately only sometimes get an “Exception unwrapping data: Tag mismatch!” when an oidc-rp tries to get the access token in the Authorization Code Flow. 

I traced the problem down to [1] but could not find out where to increase debugging to show me what exactly is wrong with the data that should be unwrapped.


Is there someone here who might give me a tip how I could debug this?


[1] https://git.shibboleth.net/view/?p=java-support.git;a=blob;f=src/main/java/net/shibboleth/utilities/java/support/security/DataSealer.java;hb=HEAD#l306


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