Chrome users getting CSRF token verification failed errors

Steven Teixeira steixeira at
Wed Apr 6 21:59:29 UTC 2022

We have seen it.  It seems the Dashlane extension is interfering, but there's only been three confirmed cases here so far and the following steps helped two of those users past this issue(waiting to hear back from the third):

Right click on Dashlane and under settings/extension options, switch from "New Autofill Experience Engine" to "Legacy Autofill Experience Engine".

Credit goes to this Reddit post, and the colleague at a sister university for finding it:

Steven Teixeira

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We've recently (last day or so) seen an uptick in Chrome users getting CSRF token verification failed errors.  Wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

In some cases it looks like it might be a Chrome extension that is interfering (possibly an Adobe extension but there's not enough data to say for sure).

In the current incarnation, using incognito mode or a different Chrome
profile(?) works fine (which tends to support the extension interference hypothesis).

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