signature validation failure

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Wed Apr 6 16:55:10 UTC 2022

One more question....some background first....this SP recently underwent a key rollover a week ago.  They do not publish their metadata at a place where we can get it dynamically, but I went in and updated the X590Data->X509Certificate in our local copy of their metadata with their new certificate. 
So I don’t know if the problem is that we have the wrong certificate (unlikely) or that they are signing with their old private key.  Is there any way to verify this?  All I have from their request is the RSA key modulus and the exponent.  Should I be able to extract the public key from the certificate we have on file, extract the modulus from that and then compare the values (after base64 encoding it)?

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>    For some reason, IdP (v3.4.7) is failing this request….it states 
> the signature is valid but fails to establish the trust for this key.  I do not know why…can anyone help?

It's telling you why, the key isn't the key from the certificate in the metadata.

-- Scott

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