eduPersonTargetedID and transcoder rules

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Tue Apr 5 20:04:04 UTC 2022

I tried that last week and, iirc, it also didn't encode the attribute. Seemed like including either of those broke it. I'll try again later this afternoon and let you know. I can certainly leave both out for now, though, as a temporary workaround. I'll try and report back soon, though.


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>    If I remove decoder = false from, though, it 
> works. Not the end of the world to have it available for processing 
> for decoding in the unlikely event that an upstream IdP should even 
> send it or I work some similar magic with it elsewhere. But why does adding decoder = false cause it to stop being processed when encoding the response to the SP?

I don't know, that isn't a heavily used setting but unless I just got the behavior backwards, it shouldn't behave that way.

If you switch that to encoder = false, it would be interesting to see if that encodes, which would strongly suggest it's backwards.

I have only the barest time left to see if there's a simple bug at this point before 4.2 ships.

-- Scott

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