Logging unencrypted response from proxy

Wessel, Keith kwessel at illinois.edu
Mon Sep 27 19:57:40 UTC 2021

Hi, all,

Scott, I feel like I mentioned this before, but I can't find a record of it nor do I know if it's a bug or intentional. When using the SAML proxy, I can't get my IdP to log the unencrypted response from the IdP I'm proxying to. I can only get it to log the encrypted one. I've set both PROTOCOL_MESSAGE logger and the org.opensaml.saml.saml2.encryption.Encrypter logger to DEBUG. The encrypted response gets logged, but not the unencrypted one. The unencrypted response does get logged that's going back to the originating SP.

Is this a bug? Is there something else I need to be doing to get the IdP to log the unencrypted responses it's getting back from ADFS?


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