Attempting to use 'resourceScript' to see if a second factor is needed

Jeff Chapin jeff.chapin at
Fri Sep 24 13:50:50 UTC 2021

Well, we are still working through our upgrade, so I will double check to
see if there is anything we are doing that could possibly be using old
code. We are using Tomcat, so i'll see if I can review the jar versions.

As for the direct work around, that's a bit beyond my current understanding
-- so I am hoping that an inlineScript will work -- and it seems to, so far.


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> >    We are moving from 3.4.3 to 4.1.4. Our bean is now very similar -- I
> don't see how the error we are getting
> > would be caused by the differences:
> The code in 4.1 (and probably only 4.1) knows how to load resources to
> prevent the error you're getting, so you have a corrupt install in some way
> with a mixture of old/new code, or a platform difference we don't have any
> knowledge of. Simple as that.
> If it's Tomcat, that would be my guess because that is always my guess and
> I'm often right. If not, then I don't have any other ideas except mixed jar
> version corruption (which is simply what Tomcat causes, constantly, thus
> it's always my first guess).
> The symptom means you don't have a stable system that is probably much
> more concerning, but the actual direct workaround is a bean to directly
> instantiate a Filesystem Spring Resource and plug that in instead of using
> the conversion from String to Resource.
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