attribute release: audit log vs assertion

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Sep 20 20:43:22 UTC 2021

* Rod Widdowson <rdw at> [2021-09-20 21:49]:
> Your are reloading the correct service (AttributeRegistry).  That
> has caught me more than once.

I was not. And yes, reloading the correct service caused it to work as
expected. Thanks a lot.

I thought since this system was upgraded from v3 that the Attribute
Registry was not used -- otherwise the files included from
conf/attributes/default-rules.xml would have worked.
  Know I know (until forget, too) that any Encoders are part of the
Attribute Registry, even in upgraded systems and even Encoders defined
the "old way" as part of the Attribute *Resolver*.

I.e., in v3 reloading the resolver did work for activating changes
including Encoders but it no longer does in v4. (Having put it this
was I'm sure I'd find something to that regard in Release Notes or
upgrade documentation.)

Many thanks.

The fact that audit logging seems to take place after filtering but
before taking into account [missing] encoding was adding to the
confusion. (Obviously I'd prever only actually releases -- also
implying: encoded -- attributes to be logged. If there's some chance
to change that for v5 I'd file an issue.)
I can easily imagine having a lively discussions with some random
vendor telling them that my logs clearly show that some attribute went
out to them (and possibly calling their implementation crap then they
can't find it ;)) when in fact the attribute was never sent.


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