attribute release: audit log vs assertion

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Mon Sep 20 19:47:12 UTC 2021

How confusing.

And immediate thought:

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> Subject: attribute release: audit log vs assertion
> I'm trying to help a member from our consituency to pin down an issue.
> Poking around in their IDP (4.1.2, upgraded from v3, OpenJDK 11 on
> Debian 10) shows the following effects wrt attribute release:
> I was trying to release samlSubjectID and samlPairwiseID[1] and I did
> see them when using any of the following methods:
> * the IDP's audit log
> * aacli with JSON format (i.e., when not using --saml2)
> * the consent UI in the subject's browser during WebSSO
> But I did not see the attributes:
> * using the aacli with --saml2
> * in the decrypted SAML Assertion of an SP I control
>   (that's set up to recieve these attrs and does so from other IDPs)
> Now, the aacli difference (JSON vs. XML) seems to point towards an
> issue encoding the attributes as XML.
> While conf/attributes/default-rules.xml has an entry for the default
> samlSubject.xml file the attribute registry is not being used at all
> on an upgraded system -- which would explain the missing attributes in
> the XML. Except that even after adding in some Encoders in the
> resolver (and reloading, and having filter rules in place) they will
> still not be released (according to aacli --saml2; I can't testing
> using the browser having no credentials in LDAP).
> Other attributes go out to the system just fine so metadata isn't the
> issue.
> Any idea where to look? I've been staring at this for too long so I'm
> assuming something trivial like non-matching attribute ids (even
> though I've checked). But I'm asking this here in case there's some
> sublety with upgrades systems that I'm overlooking atm.
> Thanks,
> -peter
> [1] Copy/pasted from my own documentation for our v4 deployments:
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