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Matthew Slowe matthew.slowe at
Tue Sep 7 07:37:24 UTC 2021

On 2021-09-07 08:19, Domenico Cervino via users wrote:
> Good morning,
> you can customize the path to install Identity Provider version4?
> It is possible to install it under a ${idp.home} different from 
> "/opt/shibboleth-idp" ?

Yes, the installer will ask where to deploy and then you'll need to tell

You can then tell your container/application server to set the idp.home 
property accordingly.

Eg. in Tomcat, you can use a <Context> block:

# cat /etc/tomcat/Catalina/localhost/idp4.xml
<Context docBase="/opt/idp4/war/idp4.war"
           <CookieProcessor alwaysAddExpires="true" />
           <Parameter name="idp.home" value="/opt/idp4" override="true" />

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