Using a different SP entity ID with the IdP SAML authn flow

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Thanks, Scott. So, to make this dynamic and use a different SP entity ID based on, for example, authnContextClassRef of the original incoming request, I can create a bean and set the relyingPartyLookupStrategy on the specific relying party override bean to point to that bean. Is that correct?

I assume my custom bean just returns a string with the entity ID that Shibboleth should identify itself as. Any pointers to other beans in the IdP configuration that would be a good example for me to base mine off of?


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> I'm guessing I can override a ben somewhere, but I can't find it. How do I override this?

Same as the other direction, responderId property on the relying party override for the "SP" except that the SP in this case is the IdP.

We treat the relying party term in its generic sense. The thing you're communicating with. When I applied that metaphor to the proxy support, everything fit, more or less.

-- Scott

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