Mediawiki with PluggableAuth and Shibboleth extension

Darren Boss darren.boss at
Wed Sep 1 15:57:27 UTC 2021

We mostly have this combo working on a development instance but the
logout functionality is not fully working.

I was seeing some CORS errors in the browser during logout but after
tweaking our development Shibboleth IdP Tomcat server with filters to
add Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers, those errors went away but
I'm still encountering an issue where after clicking Logout, I see an
"Invalid response from server" message popup in the web UI and while
I'm logged out from MediaWiki, I was never redirected to the IdP for

My hunch is that the Shibboleth/PlugableAuth extensions just don't
deal with that redirect or needs a fix for newer MediaWiki releases.
Anyone have this extension in use and not experiencing this issue or
have worked through this problem?

I can post MediaWiki and extension versions in a follow up email.
Shibboleth SP was newly installed in the last couple weeks so I'm
assuming the latest release but I don't have direct access to the vm.
Darren Boss
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Programmeur-analyste principal
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