Overlaying IDP customization (e.g. Docker, git, etc) including plugins in the dist folder

Redman, Chad chad_redman at unc.edu
Wed Oct 27 14:58:41 UTC 2021

Our deployment of the IDP (currently 4.0) is basically to install a base version of the desired IDP version, and then overlay it with our custom files in various directories. So, conf, credentials, edit-webapp, etc. It's not using Docker, but I assume those using Docker would create a subimage in a similar way.

With 4.1.4, we want to start using some plugins. It looks like it's adding things to the dist/ directory, correct? The plugin installer output doesn't show what files it's adding. But there is a verbose mode I can try, plus I can snapshot the dist folder to compare before/after installing the plugins. In addition, there are plugin inventory files in dist/plugin-contents that I assume are an accurate list of files for each plugin.

There shouldn't be any issue in our deployment to add files in dist/ to our customization. But we haven't done any overlay of files from that folder before. So just a gut check whether this makes sense, and if it's going to cause issues in future upgrades.


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