Enabling Shibboleth Attribute checker handler throws returns 404

Kannan, Satheesh (ELS-CON) s.kannan.1 at elsevier.com
Tue Oct 19 13:24:31 UTC 2021

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We already configured the second step in Handler XML element with Location on Sessions element and apparently still throws 404.

<Handler type="AttributeChecker" Location="/AttrChecker" template="attrChecker.html" attributes="eppn displayName" flushSession="true"/>

Also, This page https://shibboleth.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SP3/pages/2063695997/ApplicationDefaults  says Session Hook would be relative path  and changing sessionHook="/Shibboleth.sso/attrChecker.html" seems to be throwing different error as "we couldn't give you access via Institution". Do you have any idea Session Hook Value should be "/Shibboleth.sso/AttrChecker"?

We have few questions around this Attribute checker handler and listed below the Questions.

Is this possible to display attrChecker.html in case of successful login with IDP  to confirm and see  the attributes received successfully in user interface?
Is there a way we can configure attribute checker for one specific IDP?

Satheesh Kannan

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* Kumar, Prasanth (ELS-LON) <p.kumar.13 at elsevier.com> [2021-10-19 13:28]:
> The  error message seeing in the browser "The requested URL 
> /Shibboleth.sso/AttrChecker was not found on this server".

Sounds to me you only performed the first step (adding the 'sessionHook' XML attribute to your ApplicationDefaults element) but not the second (adding Handler XML element of type="AttributeChecker"
with the chosen Location="/AttrChecker").
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