authnContextTranslationStrategyEx: passing through the authenticationContextClassRef unmodified?

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Thu Oct 14 16:22:32 UTC 2021

Ah. Didn't notice the difference between the authnContextClassRef object that I'm getting back and the principal that I need to put in the collection to return. I get it now.

According to the docs, the AuthnContextClassRef interface doesn't have a getURL method. It has a getAuthnContextClassRef method that returns a string, and I believe that's what I want. But the method is marked as deprecated. Is there another way to get the URL out?

I don't see any other methods that will give me this string.


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(Meaning wrap the underlying string value which you have to get via getURL.) An AuthnContextClassRef in the API is an XMLObject, not a string, and the return value of the function is Collection<Principal> so there's translation involved.

-- Scott

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    You can't just return it, you still have to wrap it in a Principal of the right type.

    -- Scott

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