Error: "No flow execution could be found with key '....'"

Mark van Rossum Mark.vanRossum at
Wed Oct 13 13:41:40 UTC 2021

If it was SameSite issues would it be consistently broken?  This is random, if I try to login to the same service say 20x, I'll get about 1 failure when returning from AAD.

Do you have a link to the bug?  I'd like to investigate more, or see if there is a workaround.  Upgrading immediately to 4.1 isn't feasible.
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That's a bug in 4.0, at least in some cases. Others are completely legitimate or a consequence of SameSite not being dealt with (this is a POST coming back, so SameSite issues apply). 4.0 is EOL in any case.

-- Scott

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