Resolving attributes from a SAML proxy

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Fri Oct 8 18:58:49 UTC 2021

Can you at least tell me if the attribute context and the relying party context should be in the profile request context when its assigned to the input passed into my authnContextTranslationStrategyEX function? I'll put some if statements in there to test and see if they are, but it'd be nice to know if they're _supposed_ to be.


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>    That's what I thought. So, why am I getting the warning in the log 
> stating that it can't find the attribute resolution context? Has attribute resolution not taken place yet?

It wants an AttributeContext, it's not resolving anything. I can't tell you why, there's no way I could debug this without actually doing it. Either the RelyingPartyContext is missing or the AttributeContext is missing I assume.

Is there really no way to simply make Azure follow the standard here? I can't fathom how that could be less hassle than trying to do this.

But I can't help you other than to attempt it myself, which wouldn't be until next week sometime.

-- Scott

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