InCommon MDQ metadata Not Founds (404s)

Ruderman, Kevin rudi at
Thu Oct 7 15:03:27 UTC 2021

FWIW: We switched back to downloading the (85M) collective Metadata file and not using MDQ.
It's working for us (we had oversized our machines and can take the download/parse hit).

Anyone else try this?

Kevin Ruderman | Senior IAM Engineer / Architect | he/him
Boston University Information Services & Technology
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On 10/7/21, 10:48 AM, "John C. Pfeifer" <pfeifer at> wrote:

>    I am having the same issue. DNS is giving tow different responses.

Please give that to InCommon, it's really important people don't confuse this with an InCommon support mechanism, they're not gonna see these details here.

-- Scott

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