InCommon MDQ metadata Not Founds (404s)

Craig Pluchinsky craigp at
Thu Oct 7 14:15:40 UTC 2021

Is one of them NeoGov/NeoEd service by chance?  Looks like they removed entityID

Craig Pluchinsky
IT Services
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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Subject: InCommon MDQ metadata Not Founds (404s)

We use the InCommon MDQ dynamically loaded metadata.  We are currently getting 404 errors when loading a small number of entities from the MDQ metadata.  Not all of them get this error, just certain ones.

Has anyone ever seen this before?   Could the vendor have made changes that would drop their metadata from the aggregate?  I'm not sure how to fix this.



Joanne Schwendner
Senior Developer - Web, Integration, & Identity Services
Brown University

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