Resolving attributes from a SAML proxy

Michael Grady mgrady at
Wed Oct 6 20:27:31 UTC 2021

> On Oct 6, 2021, at 3:10 PM, Wessel, Keith <kwessel at> wrote:
> Alright.
> And the type of the attribute should be simple (since it's not going to be a scoped attribute)?
> And the subjectDataConnector should be the input to the attribute definition?
> Yes, the attribute registry is sounding better by the minute.
> Keith

And using the registry for this does not mean that you need to convert over to it entirely right away. I just comment out the "import" lines (in default-rules.xml) I don't want to use yet (that would conflict with encoders already in the resolver), and add in new import lines to bring in the Azure claims rules, or the OIDC claims rule, etc. I.e. start using the registry where there are already great example/starting files to bring in for new functionality, and then later worry about using it more broadly.

Michael A. Grady
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