Problems with Attribute Consent Release Page

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Fri Nov 26 11:22:39 UTC 2021

> The problem is that the user can't choose to skip the Consent Page by selecting an 
> option to decide the duration of the information release content that the page offers.

So they approach the IdP & consent to attribute release.  Presumably they do not select the
idp.attribute-release.doNotRememberConsent ("Chiedimelo di nuovo al prossimo accesso") button.  

They select either idp.attribute-release.rememberConsent ("Chiedimelo di nuovo se le informazioni da fornire a questo servizio
cambiano") or idp.attribute-release.globalConsent ("Non chiedermelo di nuovo").

In both cases the next time around the user is prompted again? Or is it just in one of the two cases? 

After upgrade to V4.1 you should expected to be prompted once (per principal, per browser), but in the rememberConsent/globalConsent
that should be it.  

Does debug logging for "net.shibboleth.idp.consent" show anything interesting?


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