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Mon Nov 22 21:50:27 UTC 2021

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>    Yes I know this kind of implementation typically doesn’t work in this way, but I tried because I thought that
> the external mechanism could help in some way. 

That's physically impossible. The only code that can set the request attributes is the code operating in the container/context. Servlet request attributes only exist within that session and for the life of that web request. That's just how things work in Java-based webapps. The actual redirect could be remoted to some degree and then relayed back to the client (which you aren't doing apparently) but the attributes have to be set locally for the login mechanism to work.

If your API doesn't return sufficient information (at least a name, but typically some other details) to set the request attributes necessary, than it's not usable as a back-end, regardless of what your calling code is doing.

-- Scott

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