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I still have problems completing the external authentication because I need
to implement it differently from the example reported in the documentation.

The external authentication process starts in a JSP and the key is stored
in order to be used later to complete the authentication.
The JSP shows a challenge that the user signs and then sends the signature
to another servlet using a POST.
Finally the servlet verifies the signature and retrieves the stored key to
complete the authentication.

The problem is that the external authentication should be completed in the
JSP in order to redirect it to the Service Provider, but I cannot find a
way to implement it.
Is there any solution I can try to solve this?

Thank you,

Il giorno gio 18 nov 2021 alle ore 14:15 Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at>
ha scritto:

> The servlet has to be in the same context as the IdP. It accesses beans
> that are in that Spring application context, and that doesn't extend to any
> other webapps in the same container.
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