Favicon location shibboleth idp in windows

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Sun Nov 14 14:01:34 UTC 2021

* Aisha Al Fudhaili <aisha at omren.om> [2021-11-14 06:56]:
> How can I change the favicon in shibboleth idp in windows. I tried
> to search it's location with no luck.

>From using `msiextract` on the current IDP msi it should be included in
  Program\ Files/Shibboleth/Jetty/lib/jetty-server-*.jar

Instead of replacing the packaged icon within the jetty-server jar
file (which I guess should be possible with something like 7zip) a
cleaner method would be instructing web browsers to look for a
specific file in a location of your chosing, instead of falling back
to the default location:

I.e., if you put the replacement icon of your choice into
edit-webapp/images/ (within your idp.home) and rebuild the IDP war
(using build.bat) you'd reference it as:
  <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/idp/images/favicon.ico">
in any/all velocity templates (*.vm files within views/).

If the IDP included such a reference by default (like it does for
idp.logo already) this would become a bit easier.


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