IdP OutOfMemoryError on refresh of UKFederation Metadata

Robert Hardy (r.hardy) r.hardy at
Sat Nov 13 19:13:10 UTC 2021

Hello all,

Our IdP periodically stops responding to requests, showing a Java heap space error when refreshing the UKFed metadata. This seems to be at random intervals, and it can go weeks without showing the error. The system always come back on restarting the service (whereon the refresh appears to succeed). This started about three months ago.

The issue does not seem to be a lack of memory - shibd_idpw shows  max memory pool set to 2048MB.

We are still on IdP version 3.3.0.

Also, at these times, although the IdP is not responding to requests (externally or internally), "Get-Service shibd_idp" shows the service to be running, and the output of both status.bat and aacli.bat are as if the system were up.

I would welcome any suggestions. I am wondering if we could be encountering a memory leak, and if periodic restart of the service might be of benefit.

Thank you,
Rob Hardy
York St John University
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