shibd.exe crash after upgrade to shibboleth-sp-

j.grootlipman at j.grootlipman at
Fri Nov 12 10:08:27 UTC 2021

Your response made me dig a little deeper and I was able create a more detailed stack trace

            ntdll.dll!RtlReportCriticalFailure‑()            Unknown
           ntdll.dll!RtlpHeapHandleError‑()  Unknown
           ntdll.dll!RtlpLogHeapFailure‑()    Unknown
           ntdll.dll!RtlFreeHeap‑()   Unknown
           ucrtbase.dll!_free_base()           Unknown
           libcurl9.dll!Curl_free_request_state(Curl_easy * data) Line 2169   C
>          libcurl9.dll!multi_done(Curl_easy * data, CURLcode status, bool premature) Line 698        C
           libcurl9.dll!multi_runsingle(Curl_multi * multi, curltime * nowp, Curl_easy * data) Line 1745            C
           libcurl9.dll!curl_multi_perform(Curl_multi * multi, int * running_handles) Line 2526 C
           xmltooling3_2.dll!xmltooling::CurlURLInputStream::readMore(int * runningHandles) Line 496         C++
           xmltooling3_2.dll!xmltooling::CurlURLInputStream::init(const xercesc_3_2::DOMElement * e) Line 392      C++
           xmltooling3_2.dll!xmltooling::CurlURLInputStream::CurlURLInputStream(const xercesc_3_2::DOMElement * e, std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> > * cacheTag) Line 219 C++
           xmltooling3_2.dll!xmltooling::URLInputSource::makeStream() Line 506     C++Libcurl was updated to version on the latest Shibboleth version

The crash is because of a free in Curl_free_request_state. This seems to be exactly the same as described in which is a bug in libcurl version 7.77, the one used by Shibboleth

The libcurl bug is related to proxy usage. Uncommon may be that our webserver needs a proxy for the metadata reloading. Therefore we have added
    <TransportOption provider="CURL" option="10004"></TransportOption>
to each MetadataProvider configuration. This has always worked fine on

Upgrading Shibboleth to libcurl 7.78 or later might solve my crash?

Jos Groot Lipman

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