Issue with upgrade 3.3 to 4.1 no attributes released

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Nov 10 20:16:53 UTC 2021

If you saw the IdP log that it released attributes (i.e. the audit log), then an SP saying they weren't there is not convincing evidence of anything. So I don't know that that's accurate at least for SAML. CAS has other complications and if it's as broken as you claim then you have some borked stuff and probably need to revert to vanilla CAS state to compare settings.

And furthermore, no SP is going to just generate invalid messages or direct them to the wrong place unless you fundamentally change the internet presence of the system and break/change the metadata they're given. Wrong endpoint, that kind of thing. Whatever is happening with Elsevier has nothing directly to do with an upgrade, it's whatever accompanied the upgrade or is a red herring.

If you can't debug the system or have access to skilled help, then you're probably better off doing the thing we warn against and starting somewhat fresh, at least in testing. At least attempting to get to a working state for some of the same use cases might allow one to compare the logs and config between the two to better understand what was broken and perhaps repair it on the upgraded system.

Another possibility is to take the extra time to hop through 3.4 since that's much closer to 3.3 and has the warnings about things that need to be changed for 4.0 included.

That's not "normal" as an approach but routine issues are out of scope for me on list for non-members. This is just my general advice in lieu of simply not even responding as I have been (not) doing more frequently, and hopefully does not offend as it seems to for so many.

-- Scott

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