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Felipe Cardoso felipepassoscardoso at
Thu Nov 4 00:00:30 UTC 2021


I would like to develop a specific app for my IdP users where they could
see their attributes and customize their preferences, for example changing
their preferred name.


1 - Create a Java application and deploy it on the same Tomcat where
Shibboleth IdP is running. From the point of view of the IdP, this app is a
trust service provider (I have to establish trust between the IdP and the

2 - Use WebInterfaces [1]
admin flows [2]
(e.g. Hello World Module) provided by Shibboleth IdP to develop this

Option 2 looks good to me because I don’t need to set up a “Service
Provider” that will only be used by my IdP and should not be visible to
another IdP in the federation.

My question is: Can I use WebInterfaces and admin flows for this scenario
or should WebInterfaces only be used to create specific applications for
the IdP admin?

I mean, WebInterfaces should not be used to create applications for IdP end


Felipe Cardoso
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