back-channel on front-channel port

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Not to channel the boss, but I think he means that if your servers are behind a reverse proxy that terminates TLS connections, as is common, much of the TLS information may not be available to the servers themselves, depending on the reverse proxy, and you're presuming the reverse proxy itself won't be compromised in some form, and that commercial CA's have made mistakes signing improper certificates before.  As such, it's not really complete end-to-end security in many deployment scenarios.  Signatures on the messages with certificates in metadata can help alleviate that, but they can't prevent some of the attacks that a man in the middle could perform with the decrypted message.

Pretty much under no circumstances is certificate authentication not advisable today given how fast TLS is and the extra layer of security it offers, but it is not a complete stand-in for end-to-end encryption using certificates that are more reliably signed.

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Hi Scott,

thanks again for the fast reply but I don't understand fully what you are recommending. 
Do I understand you correctly that you suggest that certificate authentication is not needed nowadays and therefore the additional port can be ignored?

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> You don't have to do anything special, and no, you can't really rely on
> certificate authentication like that, it doesn't work reliably when it's not host-
> based and there's no intent that it would work. The messages are signed
> instead, and the possibility of MITM exposure is simply ignored.
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