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Jehan PROCACCIA jehan.procaccia at
Wed Jun 16 16:05:50 UTC 2021

I've been using for a long time this tool : 
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to aggregate metadatas in my federation (an old 0.7 version ...) 

but I cannot find a way to tell it to "name" the aggregated metadata so that this name can be used ultimately as a groupID in attribute-filters as in 
<PolicyRequirementRule xsi:type="InEntityGroup" groupID="" /> 

is MA1 capable to name aggregate ? 
I cannot find the option/parameter to set in aggregator-config.xml which would named the aggregated metadata ? 
for now it generate this basic EntitiesDescriptor element without name and a random-like ID : 
<md:EntitiesDescriptor xmlns:md="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:metadata" ID="5cef7729-7db7-432f-b25a-c2707023470f" cacheDuration="P1DT0H0M0.000S" validUntil="2021-08-15T14:09:43.286Z"> 

Regarding aggregate name convention, I see in Incommon Metadata this named for example 
ID="INC20210616T153332" Name="urn:mace:incommon" validUntil="2021-06-30T15:33:32Z" 

and here in France (Renater) has 
Name="" ID="_20210616T150017Z" validUntil="2021-06-25T15:00:17Z" cacheDuration="PT1H" 

does the name has to be a URL and / or a URN ? 

Thanks . 

jehan . 
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