Releasing mail as scoped sAMAccoutName for a specific SP

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Apologies for my ignorance but I have taken over our Shibb IdP from a former long standing colleague.

I require help regarding the above. I have the following script in attribute-resolver.xml where the SP's only requirement is mail. However our users can change their mail prefix so we want to release the scoped sAMAccoutName instead.

<AttributeDefinition id="mail" xsi:type="ScriptedAttribute">
        <!-- We need LDAP for this attributes value -->
        <InputDataConnector ref="uos_ldap" attributeNames="mail sAMAccountName" />

        <!-- The script -->
            // Get the requester entity ID
            requester = resolutionContext.getAttributeRecipientID();

            // for research connect we want username at as mail
            if (requester.equalsIgnoreCase(""))
                mail.addValue(sAMAccountName.getValues().get(0) + "@%{idp.scope}");
                // By default, resolve this to mail in LDAP
                mail = mail.getValues().get(0);

When I do this I get duplicate mail attributes released, is there a straightforward way to get around this?

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