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I'm passing this along from a developer colleague. If any of you have related experience and are willing to share, he'd very much appreciate talking with you - I can put you in touch. Since most/all of his partner schools are part of InCommon, I think SAML federation is an ideal solution for this application. The piece I don't know how to advise him on is getting a SAML SP-like widget in front of the AWS Lambda stuff. Thanks!

We're developing a new application. Most of our users are part of Northwestern, but we occasionally need to collaborate with faculty members from other nearby universities, so they need to log in.

The app is written in PHP and being deployed on AWS Lambda w/ API Gateway serving as the "web server". For Northwestern logins, we're using Azure AD's OAuth2 APIs and a PHP library to process the callback.

I need to figure out the simplest way of permitting SAML logins from other universities. (From there, the app can do authorization -- it'll already know who has been invited to collaborate on a project.)

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