Provider org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl not found, WAR not exploded suspected.

Jason Pyeron jpyeron at
Fri Jan 29 01:12:42 UTC 2021

I suspect this is due to the war file not being uncompressed.

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation.RequestMappingHandlerAdapter#0' defined in file [IDP.HOME.REDACTED\system\conf\mvc-beans.xml]: Instantiation of bean failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.BeanInstantiationException: Failed to instantiate [org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation.RequestMappingHandlerAdapter]: Constructor threw exception; nested exception is javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactoryConfigurationError: Provider org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl not found

I will extract the WAR file manually, redeploy, and update the mailing list with results.

Note: jdk 14 - windows - tomcat 9.x - shibboleth 4.0.1

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