Force a fixe value for a Mapped AttributeDefinition (DocuSign AccountID)

Jehan PROCACCIA jehan.procaccia at
Thu Jan 28 20:01:29 UTC 2021

I want to send our AccountID (provided by docusign) in order that automatically at 1rst login our users be created with the correct permissions.
in DocuSing (DS)  there's a DS-viewer and a Ds-sender (also a DS-admin), and based on our ldap employeeType attribute I mapped a "DS-Viewer/Sender"

I create a wiki page reagarding that DS integration with shibboleth IDP 4 , because I encountered many customisation needed:
no encryption, specific nameID (persistent + mail based), mapping attributes, metadata exchange ... :
regarding that automation of  profile-permission here it is:

but I hope that the StaticDataConnector will fufill my needs by adding the accoundID to the sent attributes

anyway, I'll be glad to have your opnion on my DS integration with IDP 4 , maybe I customized too many things that were not mandatory ? 


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>    Now  I need to map a fixe accountID that must be unique for all users.

I would note that I support Docusign and have not had to do that. We do have two tenants, but they're test/prod, so it's possible multiple "real" tenants might create a scenario where such a thing is being imposed.

I do have a rule that I never do that. If a vendor asks me to pass them a fixed value, I tell them to stuff it, as that's not something any IdP should be expected to tell them about their own service.

-- Scott

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