Shibboleth SP3, TCPListener's clientAddress & Kubernetes

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Thu Jan 28 14:09:46 UTC 2021

On 1/28/21, 9:00 AM, "users on behalf of Sandro Mathys" <users-bounces at on behalf of sandro.mathys at> wrote:

>    It's not the same server, otherwise I would definitely not mess with the TCPListener :)

Then you're done anyway, that's never going to work. It doesn't scale. The SP is not meant to be split that way in its current form.

>    StorageService with type="MEMCACHE" accepts DNS addresses, so maybe the library's could tell you how to implement
> it? Not sure if is a third party library or in-tree, or whether it's written in the same language - so
> apologies if I'm talking BS :)

That's almost certainly buried in the library code, not in the memcache code, but it's a possibility.

>    What environment variable would that be? In the docs, only address and port have an environment variable listed,
> clientAddress doesn't (and when I had a quick look at the code, I couldn't see one either - but I'm not a software
> developer, so I might have missed it).

The variable replaces both settings because it doesn't matter what they're set to in the file. The clientAddress setting was created for some purpose that I can't even recall because it doesn't do anything obviously useful. If you're not sharing a file between the two, then address alone works, and if you were sharing the file, I can't think of any situation where they'd be different.

-- Scott

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