Shibboleth SP3, TCPListener's clientAddress & Kubernetes

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Thu Jan 28 12:56:47 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I'm working on putting a website "secured" with Shibboleth SP3 on Kubernetes, with apache/mod_shibd and shibd running in separate containers and actually separate pods.

For those not familiar with Kubernetes, this is similar to putting apache/mod_shibd on one server and shibd on another server in the same local network.

However, at the time that I'm writing the shibboleth2.xml, I can't be sure about shibd's IP address. What I can rely on however is it's DNS address – that's the Kubernetes way (well, that or using APIs).

But unfortunately, the TCPListener only accepts an "IP address in decimal dotted notation" for the clientAddress, see [1].

The only real workaround is the call shibd from a script in which I first patch shibboleth2.xml, i.e. look up the DNS address (or make a lookup over one of the Kubernetes APIs) and save the IP address to the config file. That may work, but it's far from ideal.

Would it be possible to enhance the TCPListener to accept a DNS address and have shibd do the lookup instead?



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