Shibb sp error

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Jan 28 10:47:41 UTC 2021

* Kicic Sakib <Sakib.Kicic at> [2021-01-28 11:09]:
> shibboleth[1932594]: ERROR Shibboleth.Handler.Metadata [1932594]
> shib_check_user [default] [default]: error while processing request:
> Can't self-sign metadata, no credential resolver found.

What OS/version is this on?

Sounds to me like you have no key pair generated for the SP (which the
installer would do automagically on RHEL/CentOS; on Debian/Ubuntu/etc
you'd have to run shib-keygen) *and* configured the SP to sign its own
metadata (for whatever reason, probably a misunderstanding).


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