Shib Authn Proxy to Azure and Asserting REFEDS

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Mon Jan 25 13:56:01 UTC 2021

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>    What Azure seems to do instead is return the above AuthnContext and include an attribute

Yes, which is a bug.

>  Will it also allow AuthnContextClassRef to be influenced by a value returned in the attribute statement?


I added an additional mechanism to 4.1 to allow a more generic Function to be injected to do the mapping based on access to the entire state tree rather than just the AuthnContext information. I took that route because I don't think it's fair to people proxying to compliant SAML IdPs to have to do extra work because Microsoft continues to abuse and break the standard.

I also added a support class that can run a Predicate and then run one of two separate Functions based on the result. The net of that is that you will be able to wire up a SimpleAttributePredicate and then a shibboleth.Functions.Constant bean to run to return a particular value when the predicate is true.

-- Scott

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