Making build-war non-interactive

Steven Teixeira steixeira at
Wed Jan 20 23:09:48 UTC 2021

When executing build.bat in the bin directory, we are asked to input/confirm the installation directory as mentioned in

However, our install/change process is automated and this is a stopping point for us in that process.  This was something we could work around in IdPv3 by commenting out the prompt for input and setting the property in build.xml like so:

    <target name="prompttarget" if="">
        <fail if="idp.noprompt">Input needed, silence demanded</fail>
        <!--<input message="Installation Directory:" addproperty="" defaultvalue="${}" />-->
        <property name="" value="${}" />

However, in IdPv4, build.xml is much, much simpler and I imagine what used to be in build.xml is just abstracted away and moved somewhere else, but I'm not certain.  I haven't been able to find it.

I have attempted to put a couple of things into build.xml to set the property, but I don't know if the name(s) have changed between v3 and v4.  I'm also guessing that without explicitly preventing the prompt for input/confirmation, that likely doesn't matter anyway.

I have also looked at but I am not certain if this is relevant or would be helpful in some way that just isn't clear to me yet.

Is it possible to accept the default installation directory non-interactively in IdPv4 somehow?

Steven Teixeira
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