NameID Definition and Usage in Shib IDP 4

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Fri Jan 8 03:04:46 UTC 2021

Thanks Scott ! I will give that a try. 

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> On Jan 7, 2021, at 6:24 PM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> wrote:
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>>   Thanks Scott. I agree with your point. Unspecified in my example was just for illustration. The behavior is same
>> regardless of the NameID format used. I am glad that I am doing it correct. And this is not an issue per se. But the
>> question came out of curiosity to know if I am doing anything incorrect as I noticed this difference between v3 and v4. 
> No. If you cared about it, the workaround is to define a custom attribute layered on top that had no default or explicit Attribute encoding rule defined and source the NameID from that instead of the original.
> Or reverse it and define the standard one on top of the non-standard one. Either way it's an extra attribute definition to maintain to basically solve a non-problem.
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