Shibboleth set up for service provider?

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Tue Dec 21 17:10:57 UTC 2021

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>    Sending this note out of desperation in hopes that someone else has set up shib for  On their
> end they have a misnomer called a login url for the IdP. Whatever they enter, shib simply redirects to it, log in,
> and then nothing.

Shibboleth doesn't do that at all, they do. SPs that are broken in this particular way don't support SAML requests. They redirect to what is in effect an IdP-initiated login link, which is proprietary by definition. You can either fill in an appropriate Unsolicited SSO URL for the IdP or use a CGI redirector script in the middle that brokers it by constructing the right URL to use. I do the latter because it insulates the vendor system from the specifics of my IdP deployment and use of Shibboleth.

-- Scott

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