Question About History of Shibboleth IDP MySQL Connector - log4j related

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Dec 14 15:27:50 UTC 2021

There has never been a "MySQL" connector. There's a JDBC-based relational connector. It doesn't know or care what JDBC driver you use, and the IdP doesn't ship with any except for a pooling library that supports the interface and that we don't even suggest using.

What drivers you use and where you get them from is not our business.

There are other basic architectural issues here. If log4j isn't in the classpath, then it doesn't matter if a library that is wants to use log4j to do logging. More recent releases ship the log4j bridge to slf4j so that the logging should be channeled into the standard stream but that depends on API version and how its used.

-- Scott

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