Log4j CVE (non)-impact

Pavel Šipoš pavel.sipos at arnes.si
Sun Dec 12 13:03:48 UTC 2021


Is the Shibboleth SP (3.2.3 or older) safe from log4j exploit too?
I am asking, as we use default logging settings that came in RPM package 
for Centos7 or Centos8 and the logger configs have the log4j definitions.

Example native.logger config: 

On 10/12/2021 20:50, Paul Caskey wrote:
> Just a note that the InCommon Trusted Access Platform uses tomcat and log4j in the IdP container and was vulnerable to this.
> A patched version of the TAP IdP container image is available at the Docker hub: "i2incommon/shib-idp:4.1.4_20211210" or "i2incommon/shib-idp:latest"
> Thanks,
> -Paul
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>> We’re getting a lot of noise about this, just trying to save more emails here.
>> Shibboleth does not use log4j. We ship a bridge for it to slf4j but that's not
>> vulnerable, the bug is in log4j itself. We allow (in theory) the IdP to be
>> manipulated to log to log4j through the slf4j API but we don't ship that or
>> provide any code or examples for doing that.
>> The Jetty on Windows package is equipped with logback for logging, not
>> log4j.
>> Otherwise, we have nothing to do with the servlet container configuration
>> and logging choices you yourselves may or may not have made, or any other
>> packaging of our software that may include log4j from other sources, that's
>> outside our scope as a project.
>> -- Scott
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