Behaviour for SP with identical MDQ MetadataProvider in distinct ApplicationOverrides

Geoffroy ARNOUD geoffroy.arnoud at
Thu Dec 2 13:45:13 UTC 2021



We use the SP as httpd module on reverse-proxies, to serve all our services.


Not every SAML SP belongs to the same federation:

- some are in national federation

- some are in nationl+eduGain

- some are in smaller federations


Therefore, we have several ApplicationOverrides in shibboleth2.xml, each
having its own MetadaProviders.


We currently use LocalDynamicProvider, fetching metadata from local folders.


We changed the configuration in a test environment to use MDQ.


This forks fine, but I was wondering whether a deadlock risk exist when
having 2 MetadataProvider from 2 different ApplicationOverride using the
same cacheDirectory and baseUrl.


Could there be a race condition during cache cleanup for example?


Additional question: is the cache shared between ApplicationOverrides in
this case? Or are they  never shared in any case?


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