Shibboleth IdP 4 installation on tomcat

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Aug 30 15:53:00 UTC 2021

* Mathew, Sunil <smathew at> [2021-08-30 16:18]:
> I see installation instructions for latest IdP v4 with jetty on
> Shibboleth documentation page. Can you point to any similar document
> for installing IdP v4 with tomcat? Is it different from IdP v3 setup
> with tomcat?

The notes about Tomcat from the IDPv3 documentation will apply to
IDPv4 as well (though some of the suggestions are no longer
needed/supported with newer Java releases, e.g. -XX:MaxPermSize):

Other than that I provide somewhat opinionated, unofficial 3rd-party
setup documentation[1] for the IDP that's still using Tomcat 10.
That's specific to Debian 10 (and equally apply to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
w/o changes) in order to minimise my support burden. (I might update
that to Debian 11 once I find the time.)
Those are for using (only) Tomcat as TLS webserver.



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