Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Data Lake applications

Donald Lohr lohrda at jmu.edu
Wed Aug 25 13:24:08 UTC 2021

We are looking at the Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Data Lake 

In their documentation they do not list Shibboleth as one of their 
supported Identity Providers. But do have verbiage around "Custom or 
generic SSO IdP" and "Configure SSO manually".

But their documentation never speaks to SP metadata or any of the 
elements in a SP metadata file.

Has anyone purchased this products and configured it with their 
Shibboleth IdP that would be willing to share (off-line if preferred) 
their approach / configuration and lessons learned?


D o n a l d   L o h r
I n f o r m a t i o n   S y s t e m s
J a m e s   M a d i s o n   U n i v e r s i t y
5 4 0 . 5 6 8 . 3 7 3 0

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