Simon Lundström simlu at
Tue Aug 24 07:40:35 UTC 2021

On Mon, 2021-08-23 at 20:47:56 +0200, IAM David Bantz wrote:
> A newly licensed vended service Is requesting I release “sis_login_id” 
> attribute.

I guess you should be glad that they wanted it in an attribute and not 
the classic "using email as the unique username via NameID" >; )

> Is this more than a blinkered “We’ll make it up as we go along” 
> integration policy? Is “sis_login_id” a more widely used attribute I 
> need to keep track of? How are you responding to this or similar 
> requests or demands from SPs?

"Which OID does that attribute map to?" and the follow up "No, the 
friendlyName is not the OID. Give us the OID" usually get's you 
escalated to the right person at the vendor. Hopefully they have a clue.

Good luck!

- Simon

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